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Finance Director-Dutch IT Company
India as a country has huge business opportunities. But to enter the Indian market you need to wrestle thru a labyrinth of papers, so good advice and help is really essential. When Xebia entered the Indian market we have talked to some Big 4 accounting firms, but also to some smaller accounting firms. A big 4 accounting firm is probably a safe bet, however not a good fit with the size of the medium sized company (300 people) Xebia is. We have been very fortunate to meet Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates (MSJA), immediately we felt a good fit. A smaller firm but with excellent services, direct contact, and with an eye for detail. MSJA is now, for more than 7 years, satisfactorily doing the accounting activities for Xebia's subsidiary in India. We can really recommend MSJA to every company outside India, who is considering to setup a company in India.

We have been working with Mishra Sahu Jain &Associates for already 5 years and completely satisfied with the services performed by the team of MSJ&A. More than that I have recommended MSJ&A to some other companies which become their customers and also satisfied with the services and performance. Our experience in handling following fuctions with them have been highly satisfactory:
Day-to-day operation support, accounting (books keeping), reporting as per GAAP and Indian regulations, advising in tax (local and central), tax filing and interaction with tax authorities, registration of activities (licensing), registration with authorities.
Extraordinary and superior ethical attitude. Mr. Rakesh personally is exceptionally honest man. I feel myself very lucky to meet such person. 5 years of day-to-day activities without ANY problem at all.
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates (MSJ), Chartered Accountants are working for TS Tech Sun India Limited since last 10 years.
We share very good professional relationship with MSJ and the partners Umapati Mishra and Rakesh Sahu and our experience with MSJ is always been very good as they are always available for timely professional support and we have direct access to the concerned Partners. They do all the assignments with high level of professional attitude and ethics.
This is to confirm that I was very satisfied during my stay in India for your help establishing our account and finance team.The accuracy and the way how you consulted helped us a lot and wish to continue our business relation in a long term basis.
Thank you for your continuous support and wish you and your team all the best.
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates, Chartered Accountants have been working for our subsidiary in India and also for Joint venture since inception. They have been the legal consultants and the statutory auditors of the Company.During this long relationship with them we consider them as trusted and reliable business consultants and we are very much satisfied with their professional skill, local market knowledge and general working relationship. We would definitely recommend MSJ as a good ethical and professional firm who are reliable and who always have demonstrated understanding for solving our matters at any given time."
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates, Chartered Accountants are working since inception of our Joint Venture Company i.e. 2005. They are the consultants for Income Tax, Company Law matters and FEMA and they are also the statutory auditors of the Company.Our relationship with them since 2005 itself indicates their working culture and level of ethical reputation and to add our Danish Finance Department is also very much satisfied with their working.
Our experience with MSJ is always been good as they are always available for professional support and we have direct access to the Partners of the firm. We would definitely recommend MSJ as a good professional firm who are reliable and always available.
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates has been advising us for many years now on a wide variety of topics ranging from audits and the statutory requirements of them through to transfer pricing and all matters in between. We have always found MSJ's advice to insightful, up-to-date and timely and their proactive involvement with us as we grow our business has been very refreshing in these exciting times.
I'm also very happy to say that the work we have received from you has been excellent but I thought the above probably adds depth to it as well.
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates have always demonstrated unfailing professionalism coupled with personable and agreeable demeanor, something I found rare in accounting profession.With MSJ's agility and reliability, I am sure they can be an asset to anyone who wishes to establish a foothold in India.
I have greatly appreciated this accounting firm through our association with them for nearly six years because of high quality service.
We could have faced serious troubles without them in completing our rather rare projects, such as Public Offer and Disinvestment, since large firms are often too much conservative, while being inefficient and just pricy. I will never forget their devoted assistance for the projects and good comprehension of customers' needs.
I maintain the highest regard for the services offered by Mishra, Sahu, Jain and Associates (MSJA), having known them for close to a decade. Their interface with clients is marked by through professionalism, personal courtesies, diligent scrutiny and timely advice. The easy accessibility of the partners of the firm for consultation and guidance enhances trust and confidence in their services.
Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates, with their robust service knowledge, had taken care of all our Indian compliances and have helped us to start and grow operations without any hassles. When we took the decision to invest in India, we worried about long procedures and negligence of CA, but, the team at Mishra Sahu Jain & Associates, through their vast experience helped us to decide the same and build a strong business model and they are absolutely impeccable CA in India. We thank you for your cooperation and valuable contribution to us.
We would like to express our thanks for the work MSJ and Associates have done for us over the past many years. The expertise and attention to deal with which MSJ have handled our financial affairs could not be faulted. Particularly reassuring to us our feeling of certainty in the absolute integrity of MSJ dealing with us, Your continual advise on financial planning issues have saved us significant amount of money. May you prosper, along with your clients.

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